My first (successful) attempt to a speedpainting! I had to start over as the original video I was recording is now lost forever :P 

Hope you like it :)

Divididos - Spaghetti del rock (by emismenduco)

Sui Generis - Cancion para Mi Muerte (Vivo - 1972) (by muferchu)

Good music never gets old

He cracks me up, I have new hopes now :)

(and i used to have a crush on him when I was little…)

why so cute??


ok, this makes me want to cry- gah, just look at those kids! :( 

WHAT THE HELL. This is really sad, what kind of church is this?? It’s ridiculous how people can twist things to their own convenience, and spread so much hate like this. What’s worse is that they teaching this to their children! What kind of people are they going to turn into? Do they realise the impact of their words in their young minds? Why are they so blind with hate??? And anyway, isn’t God supposed to LOVE everyone? Wouldn’t that mean to embrace or at least try to accept all the differences that enriches human kind?? This saddens me as a christian, but mostly as a human being. No matter what choices we make in life, people are people, and we all deserve a little respect from one another. Why judging people by their labels, anyway?

/end of rant.

one of my favs : D

The Who.

love this song <3

and this band too

Ok, this is interesting….

I found a korean version of the song 'Take on me' by A-HA.